Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2017


I’ve spent the last 4 plus months talking with digital marketers from around the globe to get an idea on where the digital marketing industry is going. Through that process, in combination with my ongoing research, here are what I believe are some of the biggest trends digital marketers are dealing with and that should be your focus to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.

The increasing dominance of video ads.
A video gone viral can catapult your brand to digital marketing success. People are also getting comfortable with online video ads. When creating video content, consider using the ultraHD or 4k format. The news of Google entering the fray with in-SERP video advertising will change the whole spectrum of online advertisement.
This also suggests the increasing acceptance of video ads among users and, as the trend continues, we may expect different types of video ads popping up on our screens very soon.

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