3 Content Ideas that Ignite the Growth of Your Digital Marketing Company

Content Marketing Ideas

Running an online business or Digital Marketing company requires a lot of effort right from designing to development and marketing to branding.

Over the past few decades, young entrepreneurs and digital pioneers have changed their digital approach, especially content marketing approach.

They primarily adopt different content ideas to represent their brand message and this has helped them a lot to boost their conversion rate.

Need Proof?

According to the report published in Statista, content is being determined as the best indicator of a brand’s success [1]. The different content approach has helped both publishers & Brand owners in elevating their conversions, impressions & social sharing.

Brand's Success Report with Content Marketing - Statista

So, in today’s blog, we will enlighten you with the best 3 content ideas that can help you to augment the holistic growth of your Digital Marketing Company.

Before you jump on to the ideas, it is important for you to analyze that what type of content is effective to augment your website’s traffic.

According to Search Engine Journal’s Survey on Twitter [2]:

  • 40.40% of respondent favor Written Content
  • 34.30% of respondent support Video Content
  • 25.30% of respondent favor Visual Content

SEJ Survey Report on Content Marketing

Thus, every content type has its own significance in the digital world. Whatever the type of content you choose, make sure that keep your business’s nature & your target audience in mind.

3 Content Ideas that Ignite the Growth of Your Digital Marketing Company.

Written Content:

There are different forms of the written content that cannot only increase the overall engagement with your customers but also elevate your website’s traffic. Furthermore, LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community [3] has identified Blogging (65%) & Case Study (64%) as the most successful tactics.

Case Study Report on Written Content Marketing

Different Ideas of Written Content:

  • Blogging – Blogging is one of the compelling platforms that allows you to connect with your audience easily. For this, you need to plan, research, find appropriate keywords, and last but not least don’t forget your target audience.
  • Pillar Articles – They are basically written in tutorial styles including detailed guide or tips. These sorts of pillar articles help you to bring more readers to your website. This will also help you in getting backlinks for a similar category and help you to strengthen your domain authority.
  • Case Studies – This form of written content covers technical scenario that ensures your reader or customers with both the authentic & knowledgeable information about your brand or website. Case Study allows Digital Marketing Entrepreneur to represent their services or their business proficiency efficiently among their customers.


Video Content:

Video marketing has now been identified as the trustworthy platform to influence the consumer behavior. Video-based content usually offers a real-time user-experience to your customers that create interest towards your brand.

According to Social Media Today [4] “64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching online video.”

Different Ideas of Video Content:

  • Product/Service Demo – Demonstrating your product/service you are offering is much easier & engaging with video approach rather than image or written content. Product/Service demo video enables you with the limitless possibilities to represent each & every aspect of your business.
  • Tutorial Videos – It is important for you to continuously feed your audience with the informative content like tutorial videos. These sorts of videos include tips, guidelines, and much more that can augment the audience engagement.
  • Testimonials – Testimonials help your business or digital presence to gain the phenomenal level of authenticity & credibility. Adding a real-time element in the form of video testimonials is the finest way to encourage your customers to buy your product/service.


Visual Content:

A visual approach is the most influential way to create an immediate impact on the customers. Furthermore, visual content can help you to gain customer retention. In fact according to HubSpot [5] “40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.”

  • Infographic – Infographic is formed by Info & Graphic, it is basically a form of the visual content in which interesting information is represented in the form of graphs. Infographic will not only work as a wow visual appeal but also help you to grab your visitor or customer’s attention.
  • Presentation – Presentation is another exciting form of visual content that allows you to combine both written & visual approach. But make sure, in presentation visual approach should be more rather than writing approach. Presentation helps you to exude the formal shades of your business more efficiently.

So, these are the few leading Content ideas that will always improve your digital presence holistically.

Whatever content approach you are choosing that is completely your choice, but be sure about your targeted audience. Always try to represent your content in a simple yet engaging manner to inform them rather impress them.

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