5 Common mistakes made by Search Engine Optimizer


Digital business has reached the pinnacle of its success. Thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that has allowed us to improve the functionality and operating capabilities of the online business. According to Junto “ 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.”

Every year, we are encountering some new SEO fades & trends in the digital market that has provided various innovative tricks to rank the website on the desired position. But the bitter truth is that productive things come with little threats and risks and if it is not being controlled over time, it may create a risk for your website and online reputation as well.

So, here I am discussing 5 Common Mistakes that mostly Search Engine Optimizer commit and give the solutions of the mistakes as well that can help you to learn tips & tricks and identify the nooks and crannies of SEO:

1. Wrong Keyword Selection


Whole SEO revolves around the game of the keywords because through keyword only you can rank your website. It ensures high results only if it is pitched in the right direction. Usually, people choose keywords that do not complement user’s search. Mostly, users search long-tail keywords. Thus, understand the psychological behaviour of your target audience.

Solution – To select the right keywords various tools are available in the market, some of them are – Google AdWords keyword planner and Google Trends that helps you to find result-oriented keywords.

2. Inequitable Use of Keywords in Content


Another common pitfall that may affect your online presence is an inequitable usage of the keywords in the content. Sometimes, content is created in such a flow that either it is stuffed with many keywords or fewer keywords, resulting in not ranking the written piece according to the desired objectives. Keyword Stuffing is considered as Black Hat SEO technique, thus, Google can penalize your website.

Solution – Google has provided a special operating capability named Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) that allow managing the keywords in the content.

3. Using Duplicate Content


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Quality and authenticity of the content mean a lot when it comes to improving the web presence of the business. Usually, due to short period of time, people use duplicate content from other websites. It’s been long, Google has penalized the duplicate content approach because it is considered as spammy practice.

Solution – I would suggest that instead of going for the content spinning software, always invest your time in creating fresh content. This will ensure you with the greater ROI.

4. Ignore Quality Links


Including necessary external or internal links are must to spread your word or brand message to the online audience. If your content says, the blog contains quality-grade backlinks, this may directly contribute to elevating your online reputation. Most people ignore this practice, because, they think it is wastage of time and why they should promote someone else business.

Solution – Give the quality links on the significant text, so that it can easily be searched by the visitor. This can improve the traffic to your website.

5. Lazy Optimization & Analytic


Most SEO experts lag behind in managing quick optimization, especially when it comes to managing social media optimization. Managing multiple social accounts on the different dashboard will not only take up their time, but it leads to excess utilization of resources. And on top of it is Analytic. After handling toil task of optimization, it wouldn’t be possible to create the analytic report.

Solution – Social Media & SEO syndication tools like Megarray will help you to easily & quickly optimize social posts. It also provides the finest capability that provides the complete and detailed insights into the performance.


These 5 common mistakes will help you to avoid such things and if you are facing such issues, then the solutions provided above can definitely help you to solve the same. Search Engine Optimization is a crucial content marketing strategy that can help you to elevate your digital presence.

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