5 Digital Marketing Tips to Keep Your Competitors at Bay in Rankings

Are you struggling to have your share of revenue in the cut throat online scenario? Do you feel that your competitors are much active with their digital marketing techniques and you are not able to catch up the pace?

Well, let me share some secrets that you may not have realized since you’ve started marketing your business online. Let me take you through some of the hard truths of digital marketing era that may leave you awestruck by the time you’ve finished reading my 5 digital marketing practices that you may or may not have adopted but can take you quite ahead of your competitors.

Let me start with sharing a bitter truth – Digital Marketing is not a rocket science but it’s rather a calculation. Yes, atleast that’s what I realized after working as a digital marketing expert for several up-market clients and even start-ups. You get a problem, you try to solve through various hit and trial (since Google’s real algorithm is unknown and unrevealed for all) and finally you come up with a solution. However, another day you come across another bigger problem that may be taking your share away in your industry. Your competitor solves this one before you do and alas! You lose it in the race of getting traffic to your website.

I cannot say the tips I am going to share are surely gonna change your business. However, they are certainly going to help, if implemented appropriately, when it comes to capturing your share of revenue in the online market from that of your competitors.

5 Digital Marketing Tips:

1. Too Many Strategies, Useful is None


Most of the amateur businesses make this blunder when they start vigorous online marketing. Attempting all types of marketing strategies with little experience is not going to fetch you anything.

You create numerous social media accounts, run PPC campaigns, post hoards of content on your official blog just for the sake of easy ranking and you end up getting frustrated. This is because you’ve spent time strategizing, collection and posting and not on researching what works the best for your industry.

Have you already started liking me since I’m talking of someone familiar to you!

Well, it doesn’t end here…

You need to understand that every strategy you study online will not work for your business.

Start to focus and maintain consistency in whatever you do. Doing too much at once will lead to a lethargic approach which ofcourse marketing doesn’t take.

Your Next Steps:

  • Go for one campaign at a time. This will help in analyzing what worked and what not for you.
  • Follow consistency on social media for loyal followership
  • Blogging needs to be informative and not only be consistent to bring in new prospects.
  • Convert new traffic into customers gradually.

Doing everything at once is not a solution to increasing your revenue.

2. Make Your Place in Social Media

Social Media

Social media is an integral part of your growth online. This platform is the fastest way to show your presence and draw the attention of your potential users online.

Now, carrying what I discussed in my last tip, spreading your presence too loud is often a disaster made by various amateur businesses.

It is important to make a subtle appearance and settle for a strong place on social media. You should not overdo any promotion on social media and so much that your potential customers get overwhelmed with your ads and suggestions and consequently block you. A breathing space is extremely important for your campaigns.

Your Next Steps:

  • Go for one social network at one time.
  • Understand the performance and interactions on your pages and network on each social network.
  • Focus on the one which gets more interactions.
  • Figure out and aim at the platform that gives you highest shares, comments and followers.

And finally, don’t bother with the platform that isn’t working for you. This way you will also know which platform has your audience ideally too.

3. Strong Email List – The Blood of Your Business

Email Marketing

Your email list is a valuable asset of your business. It is hot and exclusive as you own it and is the most responsive list of potential customers.

As per Hatchbuck, customers who purchase through email spend 138% more as compared to others. And Quicksprout researched that your email subscribers promote you on social media 3 times more than other followers.

Your Next Steps:

  • Social Media following is important but equally focus on building the email list.
  • Derive ways to capture details of everyone who drops on your website and your official blog.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

This is a new term coined in the industry and it is little known to many businesses still. So, you can still have the lion’s share if you start to adopt this one.

As the name suggests, the strategy focusses ongoing for influencer approach rather than the potential user’s approach. In other words, you plan to inspire influential personalities in your niche to spread the word about your products and services rather than reaching out to your target audience directly.

If adopted correctly, this one can take you miles in less time and by the time your competitors will realize, you would have certainly made up your market.

Your Next Steps:

  • Connect with influential profiles on social media and focus on these strongest referrals for your business.
  • Contact the non-celebrity bloggers to gather genuine reviews. These reviews are often trusted by your customers and they tend to buy them much sooner.
  • Influencer marketing works the best for millennials and 70% of online users are millennials. So, decide if it will work for you. I am sure it will, even if you have just started to focus on online sales.
  • Constantly engage with these influencers in your niche and build the visibility of your brand.

Before I move on to my next tip, let me alert you. Guest Blogging is not ideal for influencer marketing. Many of the amateur business owners fall into lots of guest blogging to get backlinks. It is not bad either if done judiciously to build credibility and step into your community.

5. Create a Value, Not a Brand

Content Marketing

Sounds rude! After all, how will you earn then?

Well, biggest of turnover never comes from the brand you own but the quality you give in the market. Amazon is not loved for A-M-A-Z-O-N for most of the users hardly know why it is called so. Or even for what all it sells. Rather it has offered experience to its patrons. It has created a value with flawless service instead of blowing its trumpet all over the web.

Most of your competitors must be branding high throwing loads of money on the web and flooding the web with high paying ads. But is it really giving them the ideal ROI? Think!

It is important to build content that soothes your customers. Content that creates the need for the users to use your product and services. The content of different genres to engage users of all tastes.

At the same time, your content should focus less on promotions and more on the value it imparts to the users.

Your Next Steps:

  • Create content that’s less of sales and more of information.
  • Draft a strategy that’s less of promotion and more of solution
  • Initiate a campaign that’s less of branding and more of fun.
  • Have a blog that helps your users.
  • Add experiential value to your brand even if you want to promote.

While other digital marketing tips like having a great SEO, enhancing your user experience through various product management ideas and using Paid advertising for your business are obviously your primary concerns, the above said marketing tips online are sure to help you to stand out in your niche and side-step your competitors for you to have….Lion’s Share as I say!!

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