5 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate Business In 2018

Running an online business in today’s cut-throat competitive world is a pretty daunting task. An entrepreneur has to do tons of efforts to make his business or online presence stand apart from the dust of competition. Over the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented success in online business. Along with other digital marketing activities, social media is also a major credit holder of such success. Nowadays, young entrepreneur focus on social media to elevate their brand exposure and digital presence.

Statista provided a clear and detailed insight into the worldwide usage of social networking sites:

The above statistical information showcase that 1,871 million active users are involved in Facebook and over 500 million users are active on Instagram. (Statistic source – Statista). Thus, after witnessing such a massive involvement of users across the social network, it has made people realize the growing importance of having the social media presence.

As we all know that good things always come with risk, therefore, social media comprises of few challenges, including less organic reach, new tools, and much more. Thus, to overcome these challenges, we have come up with the major social media trends that will dominate digital business in 2018. Let’s explore these results-oriented trends.


1. Virtual Reality


Over the past few years, we have seen that Virtual Reality(VR) is used in online 3D games, but in 2016 & 2017, the market was dominated by the virtual reality devices. The key players in this race were Samsung (Gear VR), Sony (PlayStation VR) and Facebook (Oculus Rift). This 2018 year is a call to advancement in the communication and user-experience as well.

For Instance – Facebook is looking forward to launching their first VR project – Spaces  in 2018. In this, they provide the interactive virtual space that enables users to create their virtual self, 360 videos, and 3D objects. Thus, this can help the entrepreneurs to represent their brand in a virtual manner. Thus, it let their online presence and brand go beyond the level of impeccability.

2. Instagram Stories


Since the inception of Instagram, we have seen that a large number of audience was completely engaged in Instagram stories within the first year. Not only this, it has also lagged behind the Snapchat’s viewers with the 20 million viewers a day.

With such prodigious growth in insta users, it is being predicted that by the end of 2018 almost half of all Instagram users will be viewing Insta stories. Furthermore, this indicates that in 2018, Instagram can be a perfect platform to connect your brand with the audience. Along with this, story or image sharing feature can help you to exude your company culture efficiently.

3. Influence Marketing


Young businessmen are much aware of Influence marketing and find that it is a great way to manage the conversion rate of the online business. Need proof? 64% of user states that Influence Marketing and Social PR help them to generate & manage their leads. It also helps in converting visitors into customers. (Source – Ernst & Young India Report). Furthermore, it is being predicted that in 2018, Influence Marketing will work as the powerful strategy that can easily connect a brand to social media users.

4. Live Streaming


In this cutting-edge technology world, Live Streaming is a new addition that has not only improved our communication, but it also ensures us with the amazing user-experience. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp, each social networks have drawn significant impact in the past few years. Live Streaming has shared few interesting stats that can give you the detailed insight into the impact of Live Streaming on the audience:

  • 80% viewer prefer to watch live video from a brand than read a blog.
  • 82% of viewer expect live video in social posts.
  • 78% of viewers are already watching video on Facebook Live.
  • 67% of live video viewers are more likely to call to action

In 2018, it has been predicted that many brands will incorporate Live Streaming in their Content Marketing Strategies to elevate their brand among the social audience.

5. Consider Generation Z


In 2018, it is being suggested that every businessperson should focus on the Generation Z. According to RetailDive Report, “Gen Z is two to three times more likely to be influenced by social media and 80% of Gen Z purchases influenced by Social Media.” Furthermore, this can help you to improve the engagement between your brand and your targeted social media audience (Gen Z).


Social Media trends 2018 can definitely create a significant impact on your online presence. These trends not only solve social media challenges, but can also ensure with the phenomenal wherewithal to transform your social media growth.

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