5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Leads


Whenever people discuss their website and business issues, Conversion Rate is the main topic of the discussion. Their major concern is that, in spite of having an impressive website and more traffic, why we do not get more revenue?

Guys! Being a Marketing Consultant, let me clear you one thing, having more traffic doesn’t mean that you’ll get more leads. Therefore, engaging and up-to-date website is not enough to achieve the desired conversion rate. You need to upgrade your Marketing strategies as well.

With the rise of Digital Marketing, various new marketing strategies have introduced in the online market. These strategies cannot only convert your traffic into the lead but can also elevate your brand identity.

So, in today’s blog, I will highlight 5 results-driven ways to entice visitors to your website and convert them into the valuable lead. The tips I am sharing here are based on my personal experience.

1. Inbound Marketing Approach


“78% of small businesses attract new customers through Inbound Marketing Approach.” (Source – Relevanza) Result-driven business approach is a crucial step to achieve your desired sales goal. For this, integrate your cohesive inbound marketing approach into your website design, sales tactics, and digital marketing carefully. Thus, the cohesive inbound marketing approach can transform traffic into quality leads and create brand awareness as well.

2. Target Audience Specific Solutions


Every entrepreneur works with the aim to provide the best to their customers and earn the enviable reputation among them. Thus, to achieve this, you need to make your approach and strategies audience-centric. Advertise your business in the way they want. Create & develop target audience specific content strategies that entice your target audience to take the call to action. Well, planned strategies can minimize your efforts and save your time & budget. 

3. Landing Page Presentation


Landing Page presentation plays a crucial role in influencing the store’s conversion rate. Need Proof?

“Companies that have 10-15 landing pages get 55% more leads than companies with fewer than 10.” (Source – HubSpot). So, if you are looking for converting your traffic into quality conversion rate quickly, then, Landing Pages is the answer to your question. Well planned and synchronized Landing page features your business or service in the most appealing way.

4. Simplicity in Content


Content is the perfect way to present your Brand Message in an engaging way among the target audience. Whether you are writing Blog Posts, Articles or Infographics, make it informative rather than impressive. To make your brand message worth reading, you need to develop strong content strategies.

Always develop audience-centric content strategies and yes… don’t forget to close your content with compelling Calls-to-action that can easily convert your website traffic to conversions.

5. Leads Through Email Marketing


Over the last few years, Email Marketing has gained an immense popularity among online business owners. It is being considered that impressive emails can help in getting recurring business and entice visitors to visit the website and take call-to-action.

“Over 75% of email revenue is generated by triggered campaigns, rather than one-size-fits-all campaigns. Automated email campaigns account for 21% of email marketing revenue.” (Source – DMA)

Make sure that includes appealing content along with nice images in your marketing email. In order to win the trust of visitors, add customer testimonial videos.


If you search online, you will get different ways to convert your website traffic into leads. But, the ways I mentioned here are proven and experienced ways. These tactics can definitely convert your traffic to the quality leads that can ensure you with higher revenues and maximum profit.





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