Hi, biswajit-mukherjee-biz
I am Biswajit Mukherjee, founder of the Buzytech IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd and CEO/Co-Founder of Megarray.

I am 35 years old business entrepreneur having prowess in handling Digital & IT Industry. 17+ years of extensive experience in the digital industry have allowed me to earn an enviable reputation as Digital Marketing, SEO, Creative UI & Graphic Solutions, and IT Consultant. My friends and my loved ones call me Biz. Gaining excellency in IT & Business sector has helped me to gain a strong Entrepreneurial prowess under my belt. 

In my early professional life, apart from designing, I have some other feathers in my cap. I worked as a Project Manager and Project Head in many bluechip companies and left them with the substantial growth & success.

After gaining pretty well experience in the digital industry, I have realized that I am truly meant for serving IT Industry. With this, I finally stepped into the entrepreneurial world with the aim and trust to serve something best to Digital world with my business acumen and entrepreneurial skills.

Being a Digital Marketing Service provider, I always focus on carrying out and closing the deal but also strive to provide timely delivery of services and maintain long-lasting client relationships.

After gaining 10 years of professional experience in the Digital industry, I have groomed myself as a confident and reliable owner. This has helped me to establish a digital agency in 2011 named Buzytech IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. The company was initially started in a small room by three people and with the endless efforts and hardwork of my team, we have now been able to reckon ourselves among the successful IT Solutions provider & Digital Marketing Company in India.

We as a team constantly search for new ways to make operating capabilities even stronger. With a partnership with US team, we have launched our SAAS Product globally named Megarray, to automate the Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing through a single platform. 

I love to write blogs about the Lifestyle, Fashion Trends, Travelling, Digital Trends, Technology, Digital Marketing, SEO and much more. I always share information, the latest trend, news regarding digital industry through a dynamic medium called BizMak.

During my free time, I catch new recipes and spend time in the kitchen. Being a foodie, I love to cook lip-smacking dishes for my family & friends during weekends. I am globetrotter who loves to travel different countries to understand & adapt their cultures & trends.

Countries visited so far – UK, USA, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, Australia, Mauritius & Canada.

As I love to read the blogs written by the Best SEO Blogger! So, this has always encouraged me to spread their words to inform and educate upcoming generation regarding digital marketing. I always motivate my team members to devote their free time to reading & understanding these blogs. Be it on entrepreneurship, technology, fashion, or trending blog, I always try to make my piece interactive and easy to understand.

Apart from these, Bizmak can help you:

  • To understand Entrepreneurial & Digital World
  • To get authentic & proven information
  • To motivate yourself to pursue a career in blogging
  • To understand all nook and crannies of marketing

Mantra for those who want to earn an enviable reputation as a successful Business Entrepreneur

“The Only way to get success in life is work hard and harder….”

That’s why my close ones think that I am bloody Workaholic LOL…….