As we all know, being healthy is the key to a successful and happy life. It is very important to stay physically and mentally fit. It’s just your state of mind that need to be set as to what should be consumed and what not? Cheat days are always there as a part of your fitness. Workout for 6 days and let 7th day be your cheat day but that too to an extent.

Drink lots of water
Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day is mandate. It is so, because it will flush out the toxins and detoxify our body and make us feel light. Some people may not be able to drink that much of water, so let’s add some lemon and salt into it and drink it as a soft drink.

Say No to Junk
Not eating Junk is just a mind game. Who says healthy food isn’t tasty? It is! Try out new recipes which doesn’t not include too much of oil, spices and do not fry it at all. Roasting instead of frying can do your work I think. Eat whole foods. Eat salads with toppings, make bhelpuri with diet free namkeen, have soups and sprouts. Avoid sweets, soda and chocolates. Eat often, take a meal every 3hours that too protienilicious.

Mould yourself into Yoga
Following Yog Asanas gives you positive vibes and meditation makes you feel energetic and make you more lean into spirituality which makes you fall out of negativity and enhances your mind and soul into something really optimistic. Exercise 5 days a week, do some squats, sit ups, or lunges so that your body always feels the hustle and does not become lethargic. The dull physicality might give your mind stubbornness. It is a trap which makes you feel old and sick anyhow. So adapting good things can lead you a better life. Drink coffee before a workout as it increases your metabolism rate and makes you perform the tasks more steadily.

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