Goa Office Trip – Awesome Nightlife, Beach, Sea Food, and Unlimited Fun!

Office Trip to Goa

We as a team work hard to achieve our targeted goals. But when it comes to enjoying, we party hard! As, the year 2017 was quite full of new targets and packed with tight work schedule, so, in 2018 we actually require a much-needed break and a place full of cool breeze & adventure for a refreshment.

Thus, we were fortunate enough to explore the paradise of the beach, Goa as an official trip. Visiting Goa was the dream of our every young employee. This trip was simply a perfect gateway to adventure, sports & water activities, party, biking, and much more. Continue reading “Goa Office Trip – Awesome Nightlife, Beach, Sea Food, and Unlimited Fun!”

Honeymooning In Australia

Beautiful Landscape, Cosmopolitan Cities and a Rich Heritage is Australia. A country full of homeliness and friendliness. The most romantic place to chill with your partner. And we have been wanting to be here for so long. The serene beauty made us feel so good. The first place to visit was the largest of all […]

Go Goa Gone

There is no better recreation than trying something new but Visiting Goa every year is a mandate. Now, don’t ask why? The feeling of Goa gives me goosebumps. Life Begins in Goa *.* Staying in a beautiful suite at Hardrock is always a count. Enjoying the night life and sleeping in the mornings can only […]

Office Trip To Udaipur

And we entered the Mewar Kingdom- set around a series of artificial lakes and known for its lavish royal residences. Went along with my office family and their families. More people, More Fun.

First Anniversary @ Mauritius

Escaping from the hectic schedule, we chose an island located in the Indian Ocean- Mauritius. A tropical paradise, blue beaches, the world that lies just beyond gave me aww-struck feeling <3 Their diverse culture and rich cuisine is made of this nation’s sedate attractions. The mountainous island, which bursts dramatically from the Indian Ocean, is […]

Daytona Beach

Florida- I Call It My Second Home

When I think of vacations, I think of packing, the flight, drive, and relaxing mode. Not only is it very exciting to go on a vacation, but you get closer to the people that go along with and the people you are going to meet during the trip. As I have my office in U.S.A, […]