Christmas Gift: 4 Proven SEO Tips that Improve Your Website Rankings


Festivals and Holiday season are considered to be the perfect time for online store or website owner to kickstart their conversion rate. But to achieve the desired sales goals, lots of preparations are required. From content to web design, Development to SEO, everything should be perfectly executed to achieve the digital success. Another important element that plays a crucial role in determining your ranking and traffic is User-Experience of your website. Need a proof?

According to the NINE STATS, a renowned Internet Marketing Statistics and Search Engine Data Hub 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine and out of it, 75% of users view results on page 1. They do not even bother to visit page 2. (Stats Source – NINE STATS)


Therefore, this stats show that if your presence is not on the 1st page of the Google then you are missing a large portion (around 75%) of search traffic. Smart SEO is the best practice that phenomenally improves both the quality and quantity of the traffic and ranking of your website. In order to improve the ranking and traffic of your store or website, you need to focus on improving and strengthening your Search Engine Optimization strategies.

On surveying over 1200 online marketers, it was found that “27.88% of marketing dollars headed towards SEO.” (Source – Advanced Web Ranking)


If your store/website is Search Engine Optimized, it can ensure your visitors with an amazing online user-experience and take your digital reputation a leap ahead of your competitor.


4 Proven SEO Tips that Improve Your Website Rankings:

  1. Analyze Your Competitors


    The digital market is flooded with the cut-throat competition, where surviving as a brand is quite a daunting task. Thus, to attract few eyeballs to your brand, you need to analyze the successful competition of the market. Check what your competitors are offering for the festive season and moreover focus on how they are selling. Then analyze what different and unique thing you can do to leave them back in the race. Make sure that never ape the concept of your competitor, try to add your own element to it. Thus, detailed and quality competitor analysis can efficiently optimize your SEO efforts.

  2. Expand Your Brand Socially


    Nowadays, Digital development is incomplete without Social Media activities. But unlike others, you might also have one question in your mind that what does social media have to do with SEO? Because we all know that SEO is totally done on the web platform and Social Media is a single platform, where managing SEO is quite a tough task. It is being considered that SEO framework focus on the Social activities including how active are your social media accounts, Are your social media accounts updated, etc. Keeping your brand socially updated, can help to increase Social Signals of the website. This, in turn, elevates your website ranking and traffic, that helps you to achieve your desired goals.

  3. Optimize Your On-Page Elements

    This old is the gold tip to enhance your website’s Ranking & Conversion Rate. If your On-Page elements including Meta Tags, Meta Description, URL is not optimized, then it is difficult for you to achieve the desired position on the Google. For this, you need to make your on-page elements keywords centric. Embed target keywords into Meta tags, Meta Description and URLs. Various tools and software are available in the digital world that makes on-page optimization a quick and easy task. Furthermore, optimized on-page elements can ensure you with the convertible traffic.

  4. SEO Optimized Content


There is a perfect correlation between the Content & SEO. They move hand in hand. How? Search Engine Optimization strategies provide a platform where visitors connect with your brand, products or services, whereas, well-written & impressive content can assist your audience in getting better insight and understandings for your brand. Thus, the combo of both can augment the engagement of visitors and connects your visitor to your brand till it converts into customers. When it comes to content writing, make sure, your content should be more informative rather than only impressive. Make your content is SEO-friendly and audience-focused. This deadly combination of SEO & Content can elevate your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) as well.


From the above tips and personal experience, I came to a conclusion that well-planned SEO strategies with the impressive and SEO-friendly Content can do a lot to gain digital recognition. Thus, these 4 tips can bring phenomenal variations in the ranking and traffic of your website. Hope this article can help you to achieve your desired Digital goals.

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