Content Marketing Strategy Trends

While creating Content, 3 main elements to keep in mind are :-

• Our Business Objective
• Target Audience
• How the Content will be Promoted!

Brand Awareness
Higher visibility in Search Engines is the top goal of most companies, while for the businesses the mail goal is Lead Generation. There should always be a goal in mind related to generation of Social Media Engagement, Organic Search Traffic and converting visitors who sign-up to the people who actually buy. It helps in measuring results.
Paid Advertising
The top most content promotion tactic is Paid Advertising. Others may include organic social media posts, traditional marketing, email newsletters and events etc. In case we don’t have funds for Paid Advertising, we should focus on earned media like pitching journalists.
To measure the success of content the best criteria is Sales. As to how many people just survey and how many purchases. Marketers mostly focuses on tracking consumption metrics- links, page views, social metrics and lead generation.
The best for companies is Research. Other effective content formats are Infographics, Product Review and blog posts.
Been following the same as of now and recommending it too !

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