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What is Digital Strategy?
In today’s digital landscape, success in business can often depend on what you do (or don’t do) in terms of marketing your company online.

From SEO to content marketing and analytics, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start — and, more importantly, what’s going to have the biggest impact on your business. To be effective at digital marketing, you’ll need a strategy.

So, you know the importance of digital marketing is increasing all the time and you’re actively using it, trying to integrate it with your other marketing activities. Where next? How high can you reach? How about aiming high? Your competitors may well be. Can you reach digital nirvana?

Steps to develop a digital marketing strategy

Step 1 – Develop a Digital Plan
1.Your Online Goals
2.Your opportunities in the market place
3.Your Targeting & Segmentation
4. Your Online Audience personas
5.Your online value proposition
6.Points to drive sales & leads

Step 2 – Create Your Digital Roadmap
Use a range of plans & checklist that suit your business.
1.Long term vision & roadmap for strategic initiatives.
2.Annual plan for marketing integrating digital marketing
3.Editorial and content calendars
4.Campaigns and quarterly 90 days’ plan
5.To do list & weekly & daily operational plans.

Step 3 – Focus on core inbound channels
The key channels that drive the most of visits & traffic are fixed. Apply the best practices, particularly on mobile platforms. Focus on paid, owned and earned media channels to gain better visibility.
•Google AdWords
•Search Engine Optimization with Content Marketing
•Email marketing for prospects & customers
•Display Advertising with retargeting
•Social media marketing

Step 4 – Bring your core competencies
•Insight on your audience
•Optimizing creatives for engagement and relevance

Step 5 – Invest in planning, evaluation and optimization
•Planning – Post campaigns reviews are important
•Evaluation & Optimization – Review insights & test to increase ROI
•Outreach – SEO & Content Marketing

Step – 6 Integrate your marketing activities
Integration of different digital channels
•Develop a shared multichannel view of customer insight based on Personas.
•Campaigns plans consider all channels from the outset.
•Paid, owned and earned media investment is balanced.

Step – 7 Optimizing your marketing strategies
•Testing of Ad creative
•Optimizing of Ad networks and remarketing techniques
•Testing for web and mobile platforms

The digital world has permeated almost every aspect of our lives. Learning, entertainment, communication—you name it. It’s also where purchase decisions can be satisfied by a click.
This may not be news to you. But it’s no longer just a technological change—it’s a cultural one. And something you and your organization can’t afford to ignore.
Digital transformation is about aligning your organization with customer behaviors, needs, and wants at every step of their purchasing journey.

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