Don’t Be A Bossy boss, Be A Leader !

I am not a Boss, trying to be a leader. Are you?

When someone say Boss- it clearly depicts that you have to be afraid of the giant named- boss but why? Can’t we be leaders to whom people, our employees look up to? Can’t we be more sober ? Jotting down few points to remember-

        Don’t Be a Moody Person

At times your employee’s annoying behaviour makes you angry but if you want to be a leader, you have to be emotionally responsive but not aggressive. You have to be a good listener, one that people can indulge with. In office or any workplace, there may be situations that can lead to chaos between the existing employees and the senior but the way you handle the situation and make things work makes you a good leader because no person will allow himself to be led by someone who complicates set of affairs.

Avoid being Judgemental

Due to the difference in hierarchy, many a times you tend to lose your temper on a person who is lower than you and in case, he reverts, you become judgemental towards him and make false assumptions. The employee should always feel that you will be there to listen to him, unbiased by his emotions or judgements.

B (+) Positive

Things might be tough for one to handle, circumstances may become unmanageable or troublesome and you have the right to react, but when going gets tough, your subordinates might look upto you to support him at the time of problem. You, being a leader, till end have to maintain a positive aura to move further no matter what.

Get Written Commitments

Just to minimise the risk of an employee absconding from work, you should always get things in writing. However, you should trust  your subordinates. It will make you (a leader) accountable for his work as well as his team’s work. People will rely on you more, and your juniors will feel a sense of accomplishment every time they finish and successfully deliver everything they promised. The easiest and the most convenient way to become a good leader is to stay calm, and understand all sides of the situation.

        With this, everything will come into perspective.



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