First Anniversary @ Mauritius

Escaping from the hectic schedule, we chose an island located in the Indian Ocean- Mauritius.
A tropical paradise, blue beaches, the world that lies just beyond gave me aww-struck feeling <3
Their diverse culture and rich cuisine is made of this nation’s sedate attractions. The mountainous island, which bursts dramatically from the Indian Ocean, is also prolific with some exciting water activities.

Starting from Dolphin Shows, Surfing, Under-water diving, Parasailing, we experienced all of it and felt slayed. Moving towards amazing North Island, it is the perfect setting for a relaxing day of sun worship. As we approached the island by motor boat, we saw the swaying palm trees and the pure white beaches framed by the vivid turquoise waters. Best was the snorkel in the sea, though a little bit scary.

Awakening our five senses as we discovered the making of teas, rum, vanilla, essential oils and strolled down the exotic gardens of the tea plantation. Also, in the aquarium, enjoyed a unique walk on the ocean floor observing what Mauritius’ marine life has to offer.
Ok, How can you forget shopping when your wife is there with you :p And it had to be Shop Till You Drop!

Mauritius being a shopping paradise offers very high value-for-money on your shopping, and turns the shopping experience into a very interesting one. Discovered the various shopping centers, arcades, duty free shops, markets, Jewelry shops and art and crafts boutiques.
Quatre Bornes known for its nightlife and its large choice of discos. It is a package of fun and frolic. People going insane as it is the only disco opened at night. When you visit Quatre Burnes, make sure to visit the central market place.
Bringing the journey to end, Make Peace and enjoy life!

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