From SEO to SEO & Content Convergence

Getting more visitors to the website is of paramount importance to all businesses around the world. However, large amount of traffic will not make a difference unless those visitors are converted into customers. It is very important to promote your products to potential customers (also known as “Targeted” traffic) who are searching online for those products and services. If not, then no matter how many visitors come to your site, they will not adequately convert into sales.

Therefore, it is imperative that businesses focus their online promotion activities based less on traffic, and they should be proactive in those activities that can convert visitors into customers or subscribers.

We use many different processes in order to promote businesses online, convert visitors into customers or subscribers. The two main activities that have a profound effect on the conversion rate of your website visitors into Sales, Leads are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Engaging Text Content

SEO helps visitors connect with your brand, products or services, whereas having well-writen text content will assist in increasing the engagement of visitors and how much time they spend on your website.

SEO and content are both crucial for the promotion of your website or brand. Content alone does not guarantee you success and SEO on it’s own cannot successfully deliver engaging content to your visitors. Each activity on it’s own cannot provide adequate success. Research data collected during SEO activities provides valuable insight into the targeted audience, market status, customer’s taste & preferences. It also helps identify different areas of the market that would help marketers to tailor their content accordingly and take precise decisions that ensure the visitors enriched with a satisfying experience and turn them into customers.

How Fusion of SEO and Engaging Content is Beneficial For Marketeers

The recent survey conducted by Bright Edge states that:

“97% of marketers believe that SEO and content have become more converging into a single function, whereas, 3% of marketers viewing them as separate disciplines.”

This fusion of SEO & Content not only ensures business owners with outstanding growth, but it also provides various lucrative opportunities that can take your website or business leaps ahead of your competitors.

  • Boost Your SERP

SEO data helps in focusing on trending and current topics. Creating and optimizing content accordingly can help maximize your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

  • Improves Search Visibility

Creating well-written, engaging content and utilizing SEO and research data can help deliver visitors with a satisfying user-experience that can not only turn them into customers but it also improves your visibility on the search engines.

  • Audience-Specific Content

Research data collected during SEO activities can help identify your suitable target audience and provide a detailed picture of their taste & preference. This also assists marketers in creating audience-specific content that can capture the true essence of your brand, products or website.

Wrap up

A complete SEO strategy planned correctly will not only augment the value of content, but it will also serve quality-grade content to the “Targeted” audience that will help you achieve your desired business goals and boost your digital visibility and will provide greater Return on Investment (ROI).






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