Honeymooning In Australia

Beautiful Landscape, Cosmopolitan Cities and a Rich Heritage is Australia. A country full of homeliness and friendliness. The most romantic place to chill with your partner. And we have been wanting to be here for so long. The serene beauty made us feel so good.
The first place to visit was the largest of all – Hamilton Island in Queensland at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. There were multitude of activities and luxurious accommodation options for us. Laying around the pools and relaxing on the beaches is what it is famous for.

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest barrier reef system and it is the best destination for those who love scuba diving and underwater explorers (Obviously Us). The sun decks, gardens, incredible views and a glass of wine is a perfect example of an apt holiday. What we did next was, helicopter ride that collected us on an hour’s flight-seeing tour. We swooped over some of the Whitsunday’s islands, flew along the brilliant sands of Whitehaven Beach. Photographed the beautiful configuration of coral.

The Hamilton Island Art Gallery is the place to unleash your inner creativity and learn from the resident artists. For dining we went to Romano’s. Starting from the mouth- watering contemporary Italian cuisine, Romano’s is a warm, inviting restaurant. There was also a relaxed bar serving pre-dinner cocktail.
Happiness is Floating in Paradise. Because sometimes, you just need a beach day. Breakfast with the Koala’s in wildlife is alluring. That amazing moment when we got to hover through the ocean and take off flying over the Great Barrier Reef in a sea plane.

And we left for Sydney then. The most astonishing place to spend time. Sydney is defined by its scenic harbor. The Harbor Bridge, Opera House and Hyde Park were the places loved by most people. Enjoyed the Opera House views from the rooftop. Followed by Paddington Reservoir Gardens which included fish ponds, huge lawns and gardens and shaded seating.

We too went to Walsh Bay that was once the heart of the working harbor, and the Sydney village’s old timber wharves are now home to drama theatres, performance spaces and galleries. The theaters were so different from that of India and were phenomenal and stupefying. Haymarket and Chinatown were the tickets to delicious Chinese Cuisine.

From Sydney, we took a flight to Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is renowned for its white sand beaches. The Gold Coast boasts a thriving food scene, from specialty coffee shops to boutique breweries and a slew of sophisticated restaurants.

Australia gave us memories for life !!

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