Make Digital Marketing Your Cup of Tea in 14 Days



Marketing is one of the paramount aspects of the business that contribute to its phenomenal growth. Every businessman develops marketing strategies with the prime aim to promote their product/services and increase sales. There are many businessmen who make their brand popular through their strong marketing strategies and earned an enviable reputation in the market.

But the technology and innovations are at the pinnacle of the advancement that it engages all the people into the conspiracy of the Digital world. The world we are living in, the generation we belong to is where all the people automate their task online. Be it education, entertainment, communication, finance, banking, or shopping, people largely prefer their mobile devices and laptops. So, to survive in this cut-throat competitive business world, you need to transform your conventional presence to digital presence.

If you are holding small shop and thinking that how to go digital or thinking that why it is important to expand business on the digital platform, then this inspiring story of Gianis can give you the answers to your questions.

GIANIS – Transformation from Conventional Store to Online Website

Founded in the year 1956 at Fatehpuri Delhi with the name of ‘Giani di Hatti’, Giani   Ice Cream provide a delectable range of ice cream, faluda kulfi, mango shakes, Italian gelato, sorbet, and snacks. Here every sweet is prepared with the loving attention and dedication.

In 1962, they have earned enviable reputation in the market with their ultimate taste and quality product. Even MP’s and celebs like Raj Kapoor and Mohammad Rafi visit them.

In 2007, the eldest son (Shri Gurbachan Singh) and grandson (Shri Taranjit Singh) of the owner (Giani Gurcharan Singh) have decided to further expand their business. To achieve this, they have transformed their conventional presence to the digital presence. Thus, this helps them to spread the chain of the franchise across NCR.

Today, with over 50 stores Giani Ice Cream has become a popular brand in the market. (Source – GIANI)

Furthermore, if digitalization is headed in the right direction then it can ensure you with the success of your business and sales growth.

As, we have seen a tremendous increase in internet penetration, so Digital marketing has become a need of an hour. This the reason that younger generations of India are coming ahead to learn digital marketing. It is being considered that Digital Marketing cannot elevate the business growth but also unfold new lucrative opportunities for business.

Now the question arises, how to learn digital marketing? There are many online and offline sources available to learn digital marketing. In today’s blog, I am providing a guide to learn Digital Marketing in 14 days.

Make digital marketing your cup of tea in 14 days

Day 1 – Examine Your Audience


For a store owner, Customer is a king because ultimately they have to serve them to earn sales and reputation. The foundations of successful customer engagement are the clear understanding of their needs and identifying their problem. Thus, to know your audience, you need to do detailed research.

Day 2 – Learn Basics of HTML or WordPress


It is not necessary that you have to learn HTML or WordPress in detail, but you should have basic knowledge about it to make yourself interdependent. At least you should acquire basic knowledge about html tags and forms making and plugins installation in WordPress.

Day 3 & 4 – Understand the Concept of SEO


An ideally Search Engine Optimized website can be easily ranked on the first page of the Google. In order to acquire proficiency in SEO, you need to gain detailed insight and knowledge about the concept of Onpage and Offpage optimization. Along with this, you need to gain the better understanding of Google’s webmaster tool, keyword research, backlinks concept.

Day 5 – Content


Content plays a crucial role in digital marketing because it provides the powerful words and expression to your brand message. If your writing skills are not so good, then you can also take help of professional copywriter. Learn how to create an engaging landing page, ads, blogs, email marketing and enticing call to actions.

Day 6 & 7 – Social Media Marketing


Nowadays, online audience surf largely through their handy devices like mobiles and tabs. With this, they spent most of their times on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter. In this stage learn how to set up profile pages, gain detailed understandings that how each network works.

Day 8 – Learn to Participate in Forum


To expand your presence online, you need to understand few strategies like participating in a forum. Learn to participate in business advice forum. This can help you to influence your customers.

Day 9, 10 & 11 – Understand the Concept of Paid Market



In this learning session, you need to focus on various tricks and tactics of paid marketing. Along with this, you need to gain an in-depth knowledge of Pay-Per-Click, ways to choose keywords, creating paid ads and ways to perform competitor research.

Day 12 – Learn Approaches of Email Marketing


Email Marketing is one of the known and useful tools that provides you with the synergy between your brand and your customers. In this section, you need to upgrade yourself with various email marketing strategies. You can also learn email marketing through various tools like convertkit, mailchimp, and many more.

Day 13 – Video Marketing


Nowadays, every online business owner believe in presenting their brand story in the video format because “78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day.”(source – HubSpot). To augment your product or services across the audience, learn to develop engaging videos and also the marketing strategies to market your videos.

Day 14 – Learn to Measure Your Performance


If you want to improve your online presence or business, you need to analyze your performance. For this, you need to learn Google Analytics. It is a free service that measures the performance of your campaign and provides in-depth & detailed report.

Thus, these are the tasks to be followed for 14 days to achieve the detailed insight into the digital marketing. This guide may not make you as perfect as Digital Marketing Consultant, but will leave you with the sufficient knowledge about Digital Marketing that can help you to augment your business.

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