5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Leads


Whenever people discuss their website and business issues, Conversion Rate is the main topic of the discussion. Their major concern is that, in spite of having an impressive website and more traffic, why we do not get more revenue?

Guys! Being a Marketing Consultant, let me clear you one thing, having more traffic doesn’t mean that you’ll get more leads. Therefore, engaging and up-to-date website is not enough to achieve the desired conversion rate. You need to upgrade your Marketing strategies as well.

With the rise of Digital Marketing, various new marketing strategies have introduced in the online market. These strategies cannot only convert your traffic into the lead but can also elevate your brand identity. Continue reading “5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Leads”

Role of Content Writers, SEO & Marketing Team in a Start-up


I still remember that day when my company won the ‘Best Start up Award‘ and this accomplishment is a testimony to the efforts of the team, who gave their best in providing world class digital solutions across the globe. As it’s just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, my company didn’t happen overnight, I have a lot of people, including content writers, SEO specialist, and marketing team to thank for their endless effort in making my organization stand apart in the dust of the competition. Therefore, not only personal instincts of an entrepreneur, but the efforts of team members also play a crucial role in writing a successful story of the brand or business.

So, today I’ll highlight the role of Content Writers, SEO, and Marketing Team that can help a company to achieve the desired goals: Continue reading “Role of Content Writers, SEO & Marketing Team in a Start-up”

5 Benefits of Hiring Creative Web Designer


There is no doubt that Digital media has spread its arms everywhere, from education to banking, entertainment to socialization, every task is just a click away. Thanks to digital media that enable millions of young entrepreneurs like me across the globe to augment our brand on the online platform. Being a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Digital Agency based in India, I can realize the importance of having the website. Well, not only me, in fact, every business owner works with the aim to promote their business and promote their brand across the world to earn great revenue.

Therefore, to acquire a strong impression and long-lasting reputation among the online audience, you need to make your website realistic and attractive that can entice your visitors to make a call to action. For this, hiring a Creative Web Designer or web designing Agency is the great option. Why? Because a professional and creative web designer can make an optimal use of available resources and ensure you with a greater output. Besides this, there are various other benefits that one can enjoy on hiring a Creative Web Designer: Continue reading “5 Benefits of Hiring Creative Web Designer”

The Internet of Things (IoT): Revolutionized the Way We Live!

Internet of Things

Sometimes, I think how the world will look like if there were no such thing as the Internet. It could be a really a difficult situation for everyone to spend a day without Internet. We are living in the age of technology, where everyone is looking for alternatives to acquire high-speed internet. The Internet has spread its arms in every field, be it education, banking, shopping, business or entertainment, the Internet has become an indispensable requirement of every person.

It is being considered that the internet has effectively bridged the gap between business and customers. This age of the internet has really turned the online industry into a money making platform offering various lucrative opportunities to elevate the overall growth of businesses. Continue reading “The Internet of Things (IoT): Revolutionized the Way We Live!”

Lose Weight Without Starving

It can be hard to diet and eat right as it requires you to make changes to your habits. Studies have shown that eating small, balanced meals all day long will help lose and maintain weight. The changes you make in your diet and eating habits will directly affect the level of success you achieve in your overall weight loss goals.

Portion control combined with a Balanced Diet and eating Frequent Meals is the fastest way to lose weight. Adding a stringent exercise regimen to your diet changes will regulate your metabolism and accelerate the weight loss results you want to achieve.

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From SEO to SEO & Content Convergence

Getting more visitors to the website is of paramount importance to all businesses around the world. However, large amount of traffic will not make a difference unless those visitors are converted into customers. It is very important to promote your products to potential customers (also known as “Targeted” traffic) who are searching online for those products and services. If not, then no matter how many visitors come to your site, they will not adequately convert into sales.

Therefore, it is imperative that businesses focus their online promotion activities based less on traffic, and they should be proactive in those activities that can convert visitors into customers or subscribers.

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Focus On Being Productive Instead of Active

With so many distractions, it has become difficult to concentrate on work and to be productive. To help you become more productive and free from chaos, there are few points you should implement. You may have heard of them before.


  • Jotted down things you have to get done

The minute you think of something you have to get done, write it down immediately. It is the best way to avoid forgetting things. With writing things down, you’ll easy remember what has to be done. The work will be completed smoothly, without any problems. Continue reading “Focus On Being Productive Instead of Active”

Summers And Cut-Off’s Go Hand In Hand !

Summer has begun and ofcourse the sun is not so friendly. Jeans and Trousers get steamy in this weather. Uff ! We the MEN ain’t so lucky as women in this case to wear anything they want, to get rid of the swealter and mugginess. Let me share with you one simple dress code.
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