Role of Content Writers, SEO & Marketing Team in a Start-up


I still remember that day when my company won the ‘Best Start up Award‘ and this accomplishment is a testimony to the efforts of the team, who gave their best in providing world class digital solutions across the globe. As it’s just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, my company didn’t happen overnight, I have a lot of people, including content writers, SEO specialist, and marketing team to thank for their endless effort in making my organization stand apart in the dust of the competition. Therefore, not only personal instincts of an entrepreneur, but the efforts of team members also play a crucial role in writing a successful story of the brand or business.

So, today I’ll highlight the role of Content Writers, SEO, and Marketing Team that can help a company to achieve the desired goals:

1. Content Writers

Good Content Writer Evoke Sensation in the Readers


Content is the most integral part of SEO strategies that can elevate the traffic of your website or business at a tremendous rate. A content writer not only writes engaging content for the brand, but it indirectly plays a role of promoter, who promotes the brand through their flair for writing.

It’s content and content marketing strategies that connects the brand with customers and ensure business with the long-term customer relationship. As Content, Web-Traffic and Revenue are interconnected with each other, so make your content engaging and audience-centric to achieve the desired digital goals.


2. SEO Specialists

Whatever the Line of Business You are Dealing With, But Search Engine Optimization is an Indispensable Need of an Hour.


A Report published by Search Engine state that:

  • Number of internet users across the globe has now exceeded 2 billion.
  • 31 million people purchased goods or services online.

Thanks to Search Engine Optimization that improves the Search Engine experience for over 90%. Therefore, SEO Specialist plays a crucial role in enhancing your brand image efficiently and keeping your business a leap ahead of your competitors.

Through their unmatched digital acumen and in-depth knowledge about Google algorithms and analytic techniques, they can turn your normal website into a revenue generating website. They can augment your conversion rate and ensures you with game-changing results.


3. Marketing Team

Marketing Team Strives to Understand the Psychology and Preference of the Targeted Customers that it entices the Visitors to Take Action.


The smart & dynamic team of marketing specialists, act as the synergy between the company and customers. They play the crucial role in taking your business and brand presence to the edge of success. When it comes to improving the sales front, business developers and marketing specialists combine their marketing skills with all possible promotional marketing tools to represent the positive face of your business or company among your visitors.

This clear and translucent approach entices your customers to own your product or services. On the other hand, in some small size company or start-up companies, marketing experts work as PR officers, who manages both online and offline reputation to maintain the reliability of your brand.


I hope this write up can help you to understand the role of content writers, SEO experts, and Marketing Specialists in transforming the simple business into a renowned brand. Therefore, these are 3 pillars of a successful business, which not only promote your brands, but also bring life to your business.







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