Sad Mood ? Feeling Depressed ?


Lets grab some ideas to feel happier than never before .
There are situations or circumstances when we feel darn low. The reasons can be anything which affects us mentally and emotionally. In such phases of life, we often keep ourselves away from everyone, sitting at home , not talking to anyone but that is what should not be done in this case.

Things we can opt when feeling unhappy

Music is the best therapy in case someone’s suffering from anxiety, lethargic and depression. It distracts your mind and charge you emotionally. It has soothing qualities that may change your fed up state of mind. Better not listen to sad songs because it will send you back to the same zone. Listening upbeat, pop music as it is relieving.

•Shop ! Shop ! Shop !
Who doesn’t like shopping ? Be it a guy or girl , people love to grab clothes, shoes and accessories anytime anywhere. At 10am or 10pm just a matter of time. You indulge your time in this activity and makes you forget about other things. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world . Go to malls, flea markets, stores and explore what is new there and make your life fun and frolic.

•Get along with your Pets
After children, pets are the only creatures that gives you mere happiness.
Cuddling with them makes you feel better. It is scientifically proven that petting with your pets triggers your brain to release endorphin hormones that boosts your mood.

If you are a big time foody, go get some carbs as they release amino acids and tryptophan into your brain.
Lunching, going for a dinner with your family or friends may enlighten and cheer you up. Eating chocolates, ice-creams and sweets lift your mood like anything ever.

•Meeting or Interacting with your besties
Social interaction is very important for your happiness. Discuss your problems with your mates and you would make right decisions for tackling the problems.
Sharing your feeling with a friend will lessen your pain and make you feel that how much your closed ones care about you. Try to gel up with people and get to know different things about people.

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