5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Leads


Whenever people discuss their website and business issues, Conversion Rate is the main topic of the discussion. Their major concern is that, in spite of having an impressive website and more traffic, why we do not get more revenue?

Guys! Being a Marketing Consultant, let me clear you one thing, having more traffic doesn’t mean that you’ll get more leads. Therefore, engaging and up-to-date website is not enough to achieve the desired conversion rate. You need to upgrade your Marketing strategies as well.

With the rise of Digital Marketing, various new marketing strategies have introduced in the online market. These strategies cannot only convert your traffic into the lead but can also elevate your brand identity. Continue reading “5 Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Leads”

From SEO to SEO & Content Convergence

Getting more visitors to the website is of paramount importance to all businesses around the world. However, large amount of traffic will not make a difference unless those visitors are converted into customers. It is very important to promote your products to potential customers (also known as “Targeted” traffic) who are searching online for those […]

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Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Strategy? In today’s digital landscape, success in business can often depend on what you do (or don’t do) in terms of marketing your company online. From SEO to content marketing and analytics, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start — and, more importantly, what’s going to have the biggest impact […]


The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

Content is the Biggest Influence on Rankings. Content in all form is what will drive you to success. Content marketing is more than writing blogs. If you are involved in content writing, the first thing you need to do is launch your blog and start writing. After that when your blog is established, try a […]


Why Good SEO is Strategic?

Today, in many organizations, SEO’s role as a strategic business driver, SEO is much more than tactics, hacks and tools. SEO is often thought of as magical, behind-the-scenes trickery or manipulation of algorithms. However, if you break SEO down into its main components, it looks a lot less intimidating. Let’s itemize three ways that SEO […]