Similarities In SEO and Fitness

SEO is like Fitness - Biswajit Mukherjee

SEO industry workers and professional fitness trainers alike can relate to the awkward moment when a client asks for guaranteed results — only to find out that there are absolutely none. That’s disappointing, but unfortunately, it’s true.
Neither discipline is free of snake oil salesmen, some of whom nurture unrealistic (or even impossible) promises. In the process, they do a disservice to themselves, their clients and the industry’s reputation.
Search engine optimisation and the recreational sports industry have, at first glance, seemingly little in common. On a second, closer look, however, both industries almost mirror each other when it comes to honest expectation management:
1. For starters, in both search engine optimisation and fitness training, there are no guarantees. There’s only so much a consultant or trainer can do in terms of both planning and execution. At the end of the day, the hard work of improving the site or taking the first step of a run must be done by the client.

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