Top 5 Trends for Young Business Entrepreneurs

Much to the surprise of almost all industries, there has been a drastic evolution observed in 2017. And the pace continues in 2018 too with start-ups and young business entrepreneurs getting their hands-on deeper research on understanding the latest marketing trends and exploring the best of opportunities to grow their business digitally across the globe. Now, what’s that is stored in this year for all those who are still looking forward to pull up their socks.

Well, let me take you through the top 5 trends of 2018 that a young business entrepreneur must keep an eye on.

1. Artificial Intelligence is the Talk of the Town

Artificial Intelligence

Yes, AI has already become an integral part of all mobile apps and web applications. Your business really can’t afford to fall short of it. Your clients would demand artificial intelligence and machine learning in all tools and applications you develop for them. Products and applications are becoming superficially smarter than last year and the same is expected in the coming future too.

2. Live Videos

Live Videos Survey

Image Source: Statista
Based on a survey of U.S. internet user aged 13+ conducted in November 2016.
Sources: UBS Evidence Lab, eMarketer

Inorder to endorse your products, Live videos and webinars have gained popularity this year. Expected to progress in next year too, this marketing strategy reaches close to your target audience contrary to the static apps and social media updates which have become regular for the people. Live video will stay as a trend with people watching them on the go.

3. Customer Satisfaction with Text

Chat Box

Gone are the days when 24X7 customer care was the need of every industry. Not anymore! Your customers today carry smartphones and prefer to Chat and send text messages instead of calling on your helpline number. They expect instant replies on Chats and Facebook Messenger. So, it’s time to figure out the ways you can help your customer instantly through various channels and not expect them to ask their queries by calling.

4. Flourishing of Co-working


Co-working has certainly become a boon for young entrepreneurs with small teams and startups of the era. However, even the established corporations are adopting co-working culture since it is an amazing way to pool resources and save extra costs. At the same time, co-working brings great networking opportunities and in turn fetches business for these companies.

5. Membership Experience for Young Business Entrepreneurs


I have observed the rise of customizing experiences of my customers while delivering my services to a varied type of clients and their expectations. Membership incentives play a dominant role in the growing competition in every industry. Each of your clients has specific requirements and tailoring your services accordingly makes them happy. Provide them with cost-effective solutions and the delight doubles. It helps your client to stay with for long, as long as one year if the subscription is valid so.

Hope these trends of 2018 will accelerate your growth as a young business entrepreneur. Will share more such trends coming up this year.

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