Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2017


I’ve spent the last 4 plus months talking with digital marketers from around the globe to get an idea on where the digital marketing industry is going. Through that process, in combination with my ongoing research, here are what I believe are some of the biggest trends digital marketers are dealing with and that should be your focus to formulate effective digital marketing strategies and online campaigns.

The increasing dominance of video ads.
A video gone viral can catapult your brand to digital marketing success. People are also getting comfortable with online video ads. When creating video content, consider using the ultraHD or 4k format. The news of Google entering the fray with in-SERP video advertising will change the whole spectrum of online advertisement.
This also suggests the increasing acceptance of video ads among users and, as the trend continues, we may expect different types of video ads popping up on our screens very soon.

Trailblazing with Mobile Marketing
With the mobile traffic network overtaking desktop in the US. Japan and other 10 countries and the roll out of the new Mobilegeddon algorithm, marketers should expect even greater things coming from mobile marketing.
As a new corner stone for digital marketing, mobile marketing offers an innovative and highly engaging way to connect to consumers because of its increased personalization features, the use of native advertising and apps that make commerce and other transactions easier and more convenient.
The ubiquitous presence of hand-held devices and fading away of desktop traffic clearly indicates that the smart money rests on mobile-focused internet marketing.

Dedicated apps will find their way.
Apps are just like websites but are more intuitive, interactive and easier to use on top of its mobility features. Now Google giving more importance to app indexing and ranking, expect even greater explosion and visibility of apps in 2017.

Social Media comes of age
Social media has gone a long way since its early days of simply broadcasting status messages, selfies and favorite link. Social media is mature enough to become an effective digital marketing tool for engaging with targeted audience on a interactive 2 way basis.
Many consumers look social media as a source of information to know about a company and a brand.
Social media will work as new conversion channels and offer tools to convert prospects directly into buyers.

Search algorithm will change. And change again.
Social networks have integrated search algorithms and capabilities into their features, like guided search in Pinterest and Facebook own search engine. Business reviews, tweets and other social content can now be indexed by Google and be visible beyond the confined to social network. Digital marketers should not remain focused only on Google’s algorithm, but give due consideration to Facebook’s algorithm and Bing’s algorithm as well.

Unique, high-quality content will be the key
Interactive content is in and with interactive content consumers feel they get right information and to help them to make better purchasing decisions. It is an effective way to connect and engage with targeted audience. The key will be to write unique, high-quality, and interactive content that readers can connect with. Also, there will be a huge demand for niche-based writers who possess knowledge and expertise in their subject matter.

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